Free Comic Book Day

We have two major geek holidays back to back. Today is Free Comic Book Day. Get to your comic book store and they likely have something exciting waiting for you. Or more than likely promotional materials sent from the publishers. I picked up something called Damsels in Excess. While the art was part of the reason, and the really hot woman on the cover was another, some of it had to do with flipping briefly through the first few pages.

The setting was middle ages and it looked captivating, so I wanted to know more. I picked it up as my free comic. Reading it, there are four princesses who rule over a realm, there are five kingdoms, and some witch is coming back that everyone hates. And all men were killed by this witch.

It’s one of those stories. I get it, equal rights for women, strong female characters, and so on. This isn’t even a truly original premise. There’s A Man and His Dog. Another comic series I can’t remember does the whole women are all that’s left. It’s exploring that “if there were no men, we’d be free.” And die out. Good on you. Thanks for thinking it through beyond the knee-jerk “Men are evil!” It puts woman thinking on equal terms with men when they think, “Women are just a piece of meat.”

So after thinking I might have found a comic book I’d like, I’m pretty sure now I’ll pass. I don’t mind women ruling, and in fact I was pretty sure that this would be a story of five women ruling a kingdom. I was okay with that. The moment you add in “I freed you from men by killing them all,” it becomes a very different tone and theme. At that point it’s going to take a lot of effort to learn anything from the read, and the amounts I can learn will be minimal. Shoot. Because they did make fine pieces of meat.

Kidding aside, happy Free Comic Book Day. I bought a bunch of Serenity comic books (how do you pass that up!?), and I can’t wait to read them on my porch in this beautiful weather.

Tomorrow is May the Fourth, or Star Wars’ Day. So, May the fourth be worth you and have a great day tomorrow as I’ll likely be busy.

As an aside, writing and editing is going well. I have all the information aside from the manuscript to the publisher, so they’re currently conjuring up the cover. I’ll be in need of beta readers. It seems I already have three, so I want five total. If interested, let me know. I will be doing it in parts, based on the flow of the story, and as I solidify each part of flow, I’ll shoot it out to the victims.

3 Comments on “Free Comic Book Day

  1. Did I already say I’d beta read for you? If not, I’m saying it now. 🙂 Sorry about your disappointing comic. For the record, I would never want to free the world of men.

    • Haha. Thank you. I’m a little torn. Looks epic as far as setting. But usually that concept gets taken in the direction of immense feminism. Like the over the top bad kind. Where my ding-a-ling gets severed 😦

      I’ll add you to the list. 🙂

      • I imagine most guys don’t want to end up in that particular setting. 😛

        Yay! I’m a victim! 🙂

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