May the Fourth be with you

A week or two ago, Disney announced that basically everything aside from Episodes 1-6 and the Clone Wars animated series are no longer cannon. Video games and books alike were thrown into a heap of fire and burned. It makes sense why they scrapped the video games which were in production, though I wonder if they announced KotOR was no longer cannon and if that will affect anything.

While I weep gently for this, I also get it. Disney doesn’t create haphazard visions that span the galaxy. They create a very cohesive and beautiful environment and I’m excited to see their vision going forward. It also makes it so we don’t already know what is to come.

I look forward to the future of the SW universe. And with that, May the Fourth be with you.

In other news, part one of four is finished with my edits. I feel good about it. Time to send it out to the people and have them tell me it sucks. I love being a writer.


3 Comments on “May the Fourth be with you

  1. My fantasy newsletter ran a story about the new SW film. Oh that’s right you never signed up for it (brapppphhh *raspberry*).
    May the fourth be with you too Paul. Live long and Prosper because Sith Happens:-)

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