I Love Frozen

Well yesterday was all about my hate for Shae, so on this Memorial Day, when we’re to be remembering those who have given so all could live comfortably, why not have something a little heartfelt?

I bought Frozen yesterday while shopping. It was the last one on the rack. I’ve had men in their fifties tell me I need to buy it. While veiled by “I watched it with my granddaughters,” when he found out I had no children he told me I still had to pick it up. So I did. Finally.

The movie was absolutely enchanting. Looks like it was based off a concept that was first created seventy years ago, shelved, and recently picked back up. They promoted the idea of waiting until you find the right one, not just finding the first one. The woman was goofy and the lead man was a little odd. The true love was not man and woman in the way you would see through old Disney movies. It was glorious.

I honestly think it’s the best job on dialogue Disney has ever done. The characters were gripping. You should all check it out.

Have a blessed Memorial Day and thank you to all the troops who have made our freedom possible at great costs.

15 Comments on “I Love Frozen

  1. Frozen was good … not my favourite by a long shot. Maybe I’m just that jaded, I dunno. 😛
    I didn’t read your post yesterday on purpose. I’m still waiting for the books to arrive. Thanks for writing in the first sentence that the post had spoilers. 🙂
    Happy Memorial Day to you, my dear. Enjoy your day off.

    • I think it is my favorite. Mostly because of Kristoff talking to his reindeer. He made it for me.

      Good that you didn’t read the last post 😛 Read quickly. It’s like book three. 😉

      Enjoy your day as well, but I’m figuring you don’t have holiday today. Still, a good day 🙂

      • Idina Menzel or Demi Lovato? Idina for me.

  2. Oh no not another Frozen fan. 😀 I don’t know, as far as Disney movies go I think movies like Finding Nemo and Cars is leaps and bounds ahead of Frozen, sorry. :p

    • So it must be an audience thing. I never really got into Cars and Nemo I thought was neat. Maybe I’m boring and require humans. Now I’ll have to sit down with my nephew and watch Cars until it makes sense 😉

      Have you ever heard the description of Finding Nemo? After a man’s wife is murdered by a serial killer, he has to look after his disabled son. When the son is kidnapped, the father travels the world to find his kid, with the help of a mentally disabled woman. The premise is pretty hardcore.

      • Hahahaha, I have never heard if described that way. That is pretty hardcore. Cars was fun and cute I thought, my favourite character was Guido, look out for him if you ever watch it again.

        I don’t know I guess I don’t like my humans fully animated :p (I didn’t mind The Incredibles though).

  3. Frozen has this power to absolutely enchant children. It’s beautiful to look at and the songs pull you in. Is it Disney’s best? Not really…I would reserve that for Finding Nemo or if we want to go extra feminist, Mulan. It’s still a gorgeous movie and the characters were funny.

    • So I’m a small child 😛 I do love Mulan. I love the core myths more, but they’re not entirely family friendly.

  4. I still need to see this movie in its entirety! I’ve listened to the main song a few (thousand) times but I’ve only seen a bit of the actual movie while I was at the gym. I’ll need to.. um.. find some kids to watch with me…

    • It’s incredible! Even the song. It was awesome having it suggested by an older guy under the veil of “Your kids will love this!” 😛

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