A Shadow’s Plan

Writing prompt: write a 200-500 word synopsis of your story through the POV of your antagonist. Tricky in any good fantasy novel, because you can’t have just one.

[Shadow] looked at the plans for G’desh, the great desert which overused the name of their false idol far too often. The G’desh Desert, G’desh Lake, G’desh the city, G’desh the deity that everyone prayed to though it was forbidden. The sooner he finished his work, the sooner he could return home, where names made sense and the gods were real, tangible, helpful. None of this angry fire god and invisible one in the sky looking down.

Part one of the plan was set. Infiltrate the Followers. They believed in their One, floating in the sky with some plan of salvation. They were exiles, and their general, Abram, was itching to retake the Bronze City after eight centuries in the sands. [Shadow] promised the city to Abram, and he would deliver. Within the year they would march on the northern districts, near a hundred miles away from the Bronze City, but they were on the lake and good enough for a stronghold.

Ling infiltrated the Eternal Flame, an extremist religious sect. All who were not human had to burn. All who did not believe had to burn. All who were corrupt had to burn. [Shadow] cursed the obsession with burning in the south. He cursed G’desh, the fire god. But Ling would use that obsession to take Fah Takeshek. She would use it to burn out the fat Sultan of that city-state so it was ripe for the picking. According to history, it would be the first time ever the absurdly wealthy city was taken through military force.

In the heart of G’desh, the Bronze City on the southern tip of the lake, [Shadow] placed advisers who taught lessons of intolerance. They told the Khalif to wage war, keep the people low, do not tolerate other races or religions, and keep the people ignorant. But centuries of tolerance would be difficult to defeat when stretched so thin. The Khalif would make his errors, and for them his dynasty would cease.

[Shadow’s] people armed the populace, spread dissent, boiled water, raided shipments, and created chaos and malcontent wherever they traveled. The time was ripe to put part two of the plan into motion, to weaken the south for his northern employers. To finish his mission so he could get back home.

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