Guatemala: Church and School

We went to church in Zacapa. It’s a beautiful structure. It has a courtyard.


And barbed wire.


If that isn’t safety, what is.


Last year we didn’t get to church because of a flight delay. Today I sat there, admiring the relaxed nature of the congregation. Kids wandered in and out of service to play in the courtyard. Members aided us gringos in finding the songs and liturgy, despite being incapable of comprehending the beautiful language.

As parents swapped babies through the service, what you could understand was how close and loving the community was.

We also went to the school. Though the picture didn’t turn out, the walls had both razor wire and broken Coke bottles to keep people out.


It’s a Lutheran school where students from the surrounding villages come for a high school education. Most villages end after middle school.


It’s absolutely gorgeous. The food is also amazing. Why? Because they raise it themselves.


The pigs are very well taken care of. They have names based on the month. Why? Because that’s when they’re slated for slaughter.


It’s warm. Rain held off and I can actually see blue sky past noon. Looking forward to working tomorrow.

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