Blog Block

It’s been a while since I’ve written. I’ve debated topics, from anchor characters to the weird animals in Guatemala. None of these turned out, but I wanted to write something, so I thought I’d give a general hi, and then give an update.

My writing is going awesome. There’s a FB fantasy writing group and we do word races. I’ve been getting in 1500 to 2000 words a night and the scenes have been solid. There are a few things I want to change, but I’m feeling confident. I did see some great Mark Twain advice: Every time I write very, write damn instead. The editor will take it out and the story will flow as it should. Damned awesome advice.

Guatemala was magical. I want to do something more permanent in the mission field. Working in the Milwaukee area for the time being. Definitely want to marry a Latino woman.

Right behind my knee, I pulled something. It hurt badly, causing my calf to cramp, my thigh to throb, and my butt to go numb. I don’t even get the butt numb, however in one specific spot it tingles as if it’s asleep. It’s not constant, but it’s enough that I’m not appreciative. Been doing stretches, and doctor’s next week if it’s not improved. Likely during the strain a nerve got tweaked, but better safe than sorry.

I think that’s good for now. Hope your day has been amazing.

12 Comments on “Blog Block

  1. Love the damned good advice about the word “very.” Going to use that! 🙂

    Missed you! Sorry about the calf-to-butt thing. Doctor visit sounds like an excellent idea. Welcome back.

    • I know. I should. But most of what I read is it goes away in a couple weeks to a couple months. I don’t want to pay the ridiculous amount for a doctor’s visit 😦 Doubled in the past year or two.

    • Thanks for the well wishing! They’re feeling a lot better. The numbness in the bum is very infrequent, so I’ll take it.

  2. Mission work always puts things into perspective. I miss it, and I have missed you being around lately.

      • I am taking a break from school for the summer. Last semester was a disastrophe. I am working on book two, but I have not been submitting to the Infinia cause.
        When my son gets older, we will probably do summer missions.

  3. Not sure if I should have “liked” this. First off, I’m heartbroken because I’m not Latino. Second, your injury sounds like sciatica. I had it for a while but it went away after RESTING it.
    Sorry I didn’t see this earlier. Your notification emails were hiding from me for some reason.

    • P.S. I wouldn’t worry about it – you’ve probably just pinched your sciatic nerve and, like any other pinched nerve, it’ll heal itself. I’d check with the doctor too.

    • Yeah, I know it’s probably sciatica. But going to see a doctor to make sure I’m not dying, or at the very least spinal fluids aren’t leaking. And I could make exceptions for you, Linda 😉

      • You’d be so much healthier as a nation if you didn’t have to pay to see a doctor… You’re probably neither dying nor leaking.
        And thank you. Just send the diamond in the mail. I’m easy to get along with. 😉

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