Daydream with Wild Abandon

It’s been three days since I’ve written. My characters went off script. I’m allowing it because it makes sense, it ties up some loose ends I had, it made a few characters far cooler than they were intended to ever become, and if I didn’t see this plot twist until I reached it, the reader sure as heck will have no idea it’s coming.

The issue is, despite it being an awesome way to tie up some issues, it also messed up the next three or four scenes. They didn’t make sense. To be fair, the final scene felt forced anyway. Either way, I had to reimagine everything. The character that was central to so much exited stage left. He shrugged, flipped me off, and said, “To hell with the lot of you.” I’d say he said good luck, but he wouldn’t.

Every time I looked at the page, I stared with glossed over eyes, not wanting to follow through to the conclusion of events. I thought at first it was a heavy heart killing a character I grew attached to, but this wasn’t the case. The issue was I would be writing faster than I could think, and there had to be a lot of restructuring before I could logically go forward. Otherwise, the story becomes like any other where my writing gets past my thoughts, and suddenly it all unravels and looks like crap. No one’s appreciative of getting served crap.

For the past three days I’ve been pondering how to move forward, digesting what happened. This morning, standing under the warm shower, it struck me. I knew what would happen. I even went through a fight scene while in the shower, because I needed to figure out the most efficient way to do a maneuver. Whoever marries me will be in for a new treat each and every week.

The daydreaming, playing with my nephew, losing myself in Pokemon, and staring at the screen finally paid off. The musical inspiration and the playing out different paths of fate, finally came to a conclusion. The planning other novels to make this one jealous worked as well as hanging out with another girl at school. I now have a vision and can act on that vision.

There is no force in the ‘verse more powerful than daydreaming. When you’re stuck with writer’s block, daydream. Don’t put all writing on hold, just write something else. But while you’re doing that, daydream about your core story, the one you’re suffering blockage on, and it will act as a literary laxative.

Daydreaming is easy to do. You’re at a meeting? Go on autopilot and see what you can crank out. In the bathroom? Spend a little extra time on the can making sure everything is emptied out. Driving? You don’t need to pay that much attention to the road; think up some cool ideas for the future. If you have a notebook, write down a ton of ideas that could become the truth, and slowly eliminate them. Or just throw that page out. Often my best ideas come from writing a lot and throwing it all out. Consider it a dry run for the time of truth.

I wish you luck in your daydreaming. I encourage you do it often and see what happens. I implore you to not write a single word of it down, or whatever you write, throw out. Unless you have an eidetic memory. That’s cheating on the write it down and throw it out front. If you have a favorite way to daydream, let me know! I like trying out new things.

8 Comments on “Daydream with Wild Abandon

  1. I daydream a lot. About everything and anything. Sometimes when I am talking to someone, or rather someone is talking to me and they are boring the crap out of me, i tend to space out and go into my own alternate universe. Even if it’s a one on one conversation. I know it’s rude but hey if you are that boring, it’s not my fault :p

    • I do too. More often than not, in those situations, I try to force a path so things can go a little quicker. I don’t really stand for wasting my time.

  2. Can I marry you? LOL, joking. I do this virtually every second I’m awake! One of my favorite things is turning the lights off in my room, put my ear buds in, and dance around to music until I’m either tired or the battery on my IPod needs recharging (sometimes that’s not long enough!). I came up with all sorts of stories, most of the time with me as the main character as I imagine what my life might be like in the future (sadly none of it came true 😦 ). Sometimes (okay all the time) I feel like my characters and characters from my favorite shows are following me around observing me as I go about my day making comments. That can get a little embarrassing, heheh. I wonder what they would say if I were having an intimate moment with someone. ^////^ I probably wouldn’t be paying attention then.

    I’m glad you’re having a much better weekend. Last week seemed to suck big time for you. I’m about to head off to work. Everybody seems to have either car trouble or running a fever, and that gift shop can’t run itself. It stinks when you only have three people assigned to a store (My manager, me, and one other associate). Keep writing!


  3. The shower is where I get most of my great ideas. Or walking. It’s why I don’t listen to music when I walk.

    • Music inspires me. But a silent walk is also nice. Good to know I’m not the only one inspired in the shower!

  4. I daydream EVERYWHERE. I keep a notebook in my car and purse and backpack and house and write little notes. Like you, the distraction helps with other stories.

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