Defeating Writer’s Block 1: Write Sideways

Writer’s Block post. Enjoy it. Check out the Art of Writing. They do great work.

Broken Mirrors

I’m going to do a few posts on how to defeat writer’s block. I have four or five already in mind, and I write this because recently it was a true issue that I had to fight through.

There’s a number of reasons for writer’s block. Children, too much alcohol, not enough alcohol, significant others, pets, an unruly character, a poorly developed [insert plot, character, setting], a computer that doesn’t work, fear of success, fear of failure, and I will promise you a hundred others I will never experience or understand, and a few hundred more you will never experience or understand. But they’re out there, and just like a traumatic moment with a child, it’s real to them and you should treat it as such.

The other day something horrible happened: a character went against me and changed his role in the story. This caused a block because, though…

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2 Comments on “Defeating Writer’s Block 1: Write Sideways

  1. Hmm, I never thought of it as writing sideways. I often do have possibilties I ignore simply because they are not the path I’ve chosen, and I find myself working on other scenes or other stories. That’s fine, but I’ll still be stuck on that one chapter. Since I post my story one chapter at a time online, I still have to plow through that next chapter whether I like it or not. You gave me something to think about. Thanks! 🙂


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