Go Time – Reached the Climax

I was writing at a pace of 4000 words a day. Yesterday slowed to 1500 and today isn’t off to a good start, but I have time.

More importantly, I reached that point. I reached the point where you can ride forward on a missile with a cowboy hat. (Awesome song) I’ve reached the section where it’s nonstop action. That’s right, after all the build up, apparently around 100 pages into the story, it’s a sprint to the finish.

It still has several pages left, we’re maybe halfway through, but it’s going to be heart pumping. I hope. I know of a few down chapters, but for the most part we’re cutting a bloody path to 100k words, blades glistening crimson in the setting sun.

I’ve reached what they call the second door. The first door is when things shake up and the characters are thrust into an adventure they didn’t want. Bilbo leaves the Shire. Ned becomes the Hand. Rama falls in love with Sita. They say this should happen within ten pages so things get moving. Really, it’s often the back cover summary issue.

Then I reached the second door. This is what forces your main character to go into final conflict with the antagonist. Bilbo solves the riddle to get into the mountain (depending really on what you truly think is the final antagonist of the story). Ned confronts Cersei about inappropriate relations with her brother. Sita is kidnapped by Ravana.

It doesn’t always signify when life is going to start moving quickly, but it usually is the sign that adrenaline is being shot into the story at 40psi. I’m assuming that’s a lot considering our dish washers wash plates around 22psi.

Anyway, excited to continue writing. The words are coming pretty naturally. It’s like reaching that point in the story you first imagined, and everything else was to get to that point.

I hope your writing is going well. I am excited to report back when the first rewrite is finished. Have an incredible day.

5 Comments on “Go Time – Reached the Climax

  1. Great to hear that your writing project is going well. I hope the literary adrenaline continues to flow freely =)

    • Thanks! Yesterday was slow and the rest of this week likely will be, but as long as I get words on the page, it’s all gravy.

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