Reddit and Japan

It’s been a strange, but exciting, three days. Let me explain.

In an average day I have between ten to fifteen visitors and fifteen to twenty views. I’m okay with this. My book isn’t out for a few more months, and I am in no ways social media savvy. But those twenty people feel close. Some are a little too close, others it feels like they’re just staring at me, and a few are just right. But it takes all types, and I need to get out of my comfort zone.

However, on Saturday something magnificent happened. I looked at my phone as we played Zombicide at my brother’s house, and WordPress had an update. “You’re traffic is more than usual! You’re at 55 views per hour!” I’ve had this happen a few times, usually though more in the realm of 30. This denotes someone getting caught up, as I’ll still have the same number of viewers.

This was different. I was over 150 views, 120 visitors, and it was early afternoon. I stared. Reddit was the cause for this sudden boom, and I was perplexed as t the reason. I suppose Babymetal did change my life as it is bringing a degree of viewership I’ve never imagined.

Today I’m on Japanese sites. I’m pretty sure some of them are raunchy, but it’s all in Japanese so I can only go off pictures. Which consisted of naked cartoon women. On the other hand, maybe that’s okay for their ads?

Anyway, apparently I need to utilize Reddit more often. I’m on day three of between 150-300 views and viewers a day and it seems to be growing. Reddit is near tapped out, but the Japanese fan sites are going strong. Now if only I wrote Japanese novels I could capitalize on this new found windfall.

3 Comments on “Reddit and Japan

  1. How cool is that? Next time I go to Japan you’ll have to come with me, and meet your adoring public. 🙂
    Wait… am I one of the “too close” ones?

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