Eevee’s Defiance

“Know what you want to become, Trick?” I scratched my eevee behind the ear and he purred and moved into my chest. He was small, just big enough to cover my upper torso. He ignored my question, as he often did. We were nearing the Celadon Gym, and it was a conversation we’ve been holding off on. As we traveled Kanto, however, Trick seemed less and less capable of keeping up, while an evolution would help him immensely.

“It’s easy to find the stones, you know. I’m okay about paying for them.” He still ignored me, my hand moving down to scratch his chest and belly. His back right leg always went spastic when I did. “Erika uses grass-type. Maybe if you became a flareon we could walk right through. It’s so hard finding a fire type, anyway.”

Trick finally decided to participate in the conversation. He sprung up onto my chest and started to dig his paws into my shirt, pulling on it and ripping into the fabric enough to leave dimples. “Is that necessary?” I sighed and put a hand on my face. “I like this shirt, Trick. Come on, man.” When I looked at him, his face was a couple inches away from me and he let out a growl.

“So you don’t want to be a flareon?” He shrugged. “You don’t even know what you want to be, do you?” He shrugged again, closing his eyes so they looked pleased. “You win. I guess there are some other types across the ocean. A psychic and dark type. Maybe a leaf or ice type?”

He curled up into a ball on me, and I went to idly stroking his back. “You’re a pain in my ass, Trick. You know that? What do I even have to defeat Erika?”

I pulled out my pokedex and focused it on Trick, who was steadily falling asleep. I looked through the list of moves eevee could learn. “Last resort?” He looked at the move, a powerful and late learned move. “How about when you learn last resort we seriously consider what to evolve you into?”

There was no response. Trick’s small chest moved in rhythm with my own and all I could do was smile. I put my hands behind my head and put my hat over my eyes. “I guess it’s nap time. The almighty Trick has spoken. Or snoozed.”

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