The Workout Chronicles: Day 1

I went to the gym today. It has been months since my last visit. I decided to try swimming.

I arrived at 9:15 and was in the pool by 9:20. The lifeguard was kind and asked the kids to leave lane three so I might swim. The children did, and I acquired lane three.

By 9:30 I swam what I can only approximate to be 80m. Arms sore in places I’d never felt pain, I attempted to climb out of the pool and nearly slipped on my buttocks. The cute lifeguard was kind enough to cover her mouth with a towel when she laughed at me. perhaps I will ask for her number next time.

I eased myself into the hot tub. I forgot how hot water could be, as if the move scold was surrounding me. Then I took aqua jet to the sciatic nerve. After a minute there was no pain and my right buttocks stopped twitching from a likely pinched nerve last month.

Once finished, I went to the wet sauna. The soaking heat permeated my skin and it felt as if I was melting off the fat, like butter in a skillet. I lasted a minute.

The world was going dark, but I was able to retreat from the gym. Tomorrow is another day and I will persevere. For now, I will pass out, barely able to get out these words.

6 Comments on “The Workout Chronicles: Day 1

  1. At least you showed up, and that’s a start. Next time will be easier and who knows, you might even get a date!

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