This chapter should be bigger

I finished my chapter last night, feeling euphoric. I killed someone and it felt really good. You’ll know when you read it.

All my notes are on a yellow legal pad, so I took out my fortune telling machine and looked ahead so I could start thinking about where I wanted to go. There were some timeline issues, so I reorganized, and then I went to bed, exhausted from both a good workout and an excellent word count. The following day, I had a nice little chapter to write that would put another character into his major conflict. The world was good.

I woke up, went through my routine, and found I needed to add a character. It was a Sultan for a new city, which was easy enough. I slapped him together, gave him a pleasant background, put some conflict in his family, made him young, and smiled.

“He should be at odds with his family.”

“What?” I asked the book.

“He needs to be at odds with his family.”

“But that’s a conflict. Like a big conflict. Could we just do some minor shaming, and they try to make Dameneh look foolish?”


I cursed and bashed my head against the desk. This was at least another 10k word count.

As if reading my mind, it rebuked, “I thought you wanted a higher word count. That you were afraid your word count was too low right now.”

My hard stare did not make the manuscript budge on its stance. It was right. Dameneh needed more action. So it was. The great book spoke, and I had a ton of work ahead of me. Maybe it won’t be finished in one week.

8 Comments on “This chapter should be bigger

  1. Haha! Silly Paul. What were you thinking? That you were actually in charge of the story?

    • Haha, right? So now I’m done in a week turned into I probably need to spend at least a day or two just planning out the changes. Great. πŸ˜›

  2. Something similar is happening in my book. The tangled webs our books weave, eh? Best of luck with yours. I hate to say it, but the last time this happened to me it wasn’t 10K, it was closer to an extra 100K words.

  3. Yep, same here, a character decided to tell me his back story and be damed if it didn’t alter a large part of the beginning.

    • Ouch. Fortunately I don’t have that issue, it’s just pulling us sideways. But those back stories can alter a lot.

      • Yeah, I’ve taken a break from it and delved into another story before I tackle the issue. It can be done though. It will be done! πŸ˜€

  4. I know the feeling. All too well. Those days when our stories take over and tell themselves; these are the days we just need to shut up and color, letting them tell what needs telling πŸ™‚

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