It is finished (for now)

The first rewrite of G’desh is finished. This is what I will use as my actual copy for editing.

The original manuscript was hurried, ill formed, and brutal, being a few words over 50,000. It was my NaNo, and I quickly outpaced what I had planned, so the end was crap and a lot of words that I didn’t want in there. While I liked the overall, I wanted to make some modification and clean it up. While also allowing a larger word count simply because I had better thought out concepts.

The final rewrite word count is 83,221. Approximately 238 pages soft cover. This will shrink and grow in the coming month based on edits. Then I submit it to Abbott Press, I submit it to my readers, and I wait for a month until those return to me. Edit once more, submit to a few more readers, wait two weeks, and send in for publication. Then I wait three months, and it will be in my hands. I will roll around with it in glee and sniff it like two dogs meeting for the first time.

I’m overjoyed at this, exhausted, and terrified. Now comes the truly challenging part where I actually dissect my lover of the past two months and tell her how imperfect she is and how I need to reshape her through plastic surgery.

Also, if I created a kickstarter so I can afford an actual editor and marketing, what would entice you into purchasing my wares?

8 Comments on “It is finished (for now)

  1. How about a video of you rolling around with your book, sniffing it like two dogs meeting for the first time…
    But no, seriously? If I contribute to your kickstarter then I’m going to need the same amount back from you when I can’t afford an editor. Or we can each pay for our own. 😉
    Congrats on finishing this leg of the race! Best of luck with your dissection.

    • Maybe if the Kickstarter reaches a certain point I’ll create that video.

      Isn’t that part of the conundrum? If someone donates, I feel like I should really donate to them. I’m still not sure I’ll do it, but I would at least like some marketing.

      Finally, thanks! 😀

      • Oh, no no no. Now that you’ve planted that vision in my head, I must see it. And don’t forget the tentative licking while you’re at it. 😉

  2. Congratulations on finishing! Unfortunately, though I am trained at marketing, I don’t have any ideas sorry :p But I will let you know I think of one.

  3. That is awesome news. Well done =)

    It’s not about dissection and liposuction, it’s about helping your novel learn lessons from what it has already experienced in its formative times. It learns, it adapts and becomes a better novel for it =)

    I’d chip in. Just knowing I helped someone take a step towards achieving a personal ambition is enough for me.

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