Club Poseidon

This week’s challenge! Write a modern day story using a god from one of the pantheons. I chose Poseidon. The writing group can be found here, and this week we are having a prize. This week you could win Unclaimed by Laurie Wetzel. You can get a sneak peak at the link. Check her out, she had a book signing at B&N and was so busy she had to stick around another hour. Not often you see that kind of dedication to an author, which definitely tells you about the quality of them as a person and their work. Find more at the FB group if you’re interested

The wave pool was filled with people jumping and grinding, shouting for more when the ten foot waves washed over them. The women wore skimpy bikinis, the men were ripped, the water was just the right temperature, and the waves flung bodies everywhere. It was advertised as a great way to get to know people.

Poseidon stood above them, in the center, on a deck. He was spinning records, bobbing his head to the beat of Deadmau5, Avicii, or any other number of artists which grace the club scene. He wore swimming trunks, two horses on either pant leg. The blue tint of his skin was more pronounced under the black lights. His hair was shoulder length and a blue from the deep sea, nearly black.

He sent another wave and the screams started. Bodies were snatched up as people decided to jump or dive. Some tried to stand their ground, and it amused Poseidon. None could stand their ground against the fury of his waves. The same waves which wiped away armies would not struggle against this club going mortals.

The wave washed past his stand, just short of licking at the bottom of his feet. As the mortals washed by he could see a few bathing suits pass him by, and it made him smile. The women would hit the men they were with, blaming him for having deft fingers. But it wasn’t always the men. Poseidon had eyes and wants as well. A blond looked up at him, one of his doings. She smiled, shook them a few times, and blew a kiss. He’d remember that for when he was done. Maybe she even liked horses, he mused.

Clouds were on the horizon as he shot out another wave. He didn’t try to grope anyone, though the pout on the blond’s lip told him she was hoping. There was thunder off in the distance, approaching quickly. Lightning arced through the air, and the screams grew. Poseidon shouted, as if speaking through a sound system, “You are wards of Poseidon tonight. Lightning has no power in my domain.” They cheered and he cranked up the volume and shot another wave through them.

There was another lightning strike which landed just on the edge of the pool. Loud and terrifying, it caused the earth to shake, another wave shooting out just from the force, though not nearly as large as Poseidon’s own doing. He motioned to make it larger. Couldn’t disappoint the crowd, after all.

A booming voice shot through the music and crowd, causing the beats to halt. “I am Zeus, and you mortals will bend knee to me, not Poseidon! I claim you as my own.”

Poseidon shot back, “You have no claim here, brother. This is Club Poseidon, a world of water, and you are of the sky. Go back to your sister’s body.” Hera would chew him out later for the remark if she found out. That was fine.

“I will show them my might.” He shot lightning from the tips of his fingers, and with a loud crack, it shocked the water. The people screamed, but no one was hurt.

“As I said, brother, your power is nothing here. You cannot hurt these people while they are in my waters.”

More lightning, and with every strike a shout of terror and glee rose up from the crowd. A few moved to the exits, to afraid to trust in Poseidon. It was fine, he didn’t need cowardly followers. Those who remained were in for the treat of light jolts tingling their bodies.

Zeus bellowed, “I will come for you then.”

“No. Let me have the honor.” With that, Poseidon charged forward, a spray of water propelling him to his brother, where they clashed and shot off, away from the water park. Lightning struck over and over, in rapid succession, causing the earth to vibrate with its charge, the percussion causing ripples of energy to beat down on the body as if an explosion occurred close by. Water from the pool was leeched out in waves, never bringing a mortal with it, to batter down on the ground, before washing back into the pool and causing waves slightly larger than the usual ten feet.

The brothers shouted at each other, though they were out of view. There was no reason to strike. Finally Poseidon shouted, “And beware return, brother. I will not be this merciful next time.” The people cheered.

Zeus whispered, “Dinner tomorrow, right? I won’t tell Hera what you said. I don’t need that drama again.” Then he shouted, “I will return, with more might than ever before.”

“Of course. It’s been a while since I’ve seen you guys. Is Hades making it?” He sent a wave subconsciously through the pool. It was the only answer they required of him.

“No. He has some business or another to tend to. I wish he would be more open with us. We let him out of the Underworld, after all.”

“He’ll come around. But I need to get back. Have a good night, Zeus.” And Poseidon went back to flex his muscles to the cheers of all present.

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