The Swimming Addiction

I was going to write about my heart wrenching dream last night, which I woke up sobbing for, but I really planned on talking about swimming when I first went to sleep. So canning the broken heart.

Swimming has been immensely addicting. At first I thought I would drown, and the motivation of the lifeguards was most certainly in question.

Once I was used to it, primarily doing the breast stroke due to it developing the muscle groups I wanted to while minimizing chafing while not having jammers, it felt good having so much water around and in me. There is always a little more moisture in my nose and ears. At first I felt violated, but now it feels like the way it should be.

I also find it easier to focus. I’m always analyzing my stroke. I pay close attention to arm movement and kick strength to help me improve in the future. Both have improved remarkably in three weeks.

My arms are impressive. In three weeks my rubber pencil arms became thick steel girders. My gut is slowly diminishing, but life is full of pay offs. Insanity lost the fat quicker, but I gained very little muscle. My biggest weakness is I need to learn better how to strengthen my left arm. While still impressive, it is lacking. I’ve been attempting the side stroke.

I recover faster, as long as I remember to sleep. Last three days I’ve been sleeping with the quality of new parents with a crabby infant. My body aches constantly. Usually, at night my body hurts, but by the next day I’m ready to be awesome.

The downside is I can’t tell my heartrate, how much I’m sweating, and if I’m dehydrated. Two nights ago I went until my chest on the left side hurt. After stretching, the pain diminished. It was replaced by runner cramps.

You don’t sweat so it’s hard to gage exertion, which leads to chest pain because you can’t tell if you’re supposed to be slowing down. Though a lot of sweat usually gives me an energy boost and I run harder because I feel bad ass.

Dehydration is weird. My lips stick together, I get dizzy, water from the tap never tasted so good. However, while in the water I think nothing of it, which is dangerous.

So overall swimming has been amazing. Looking forward to tonight, the last swim for the weekend.

10 Comments on “The Swimming Addiction

  1. Oh I LOVED swimming when I used to do it. Every morning before work I’d be at the pool doing lengths. And it is addictive. I wish I had the time to go back to it.
    For dehydration, make sure you drink plenty in the hours before you go, then it shouldn’t be a problem.
    Good luck! 😀

  2. Swimming is great, happy you found something you like 🙂 I’m in everyday right now too 🙂 Sorry about your sad dream. It’s horrible to wake up and still feel it. Hope your day is well.

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