This blog approved by Colombian drug lords

While I’d put money I know why this happens, I enjoy creating reality instead of subjecting myself to its restraints. So here’s the story.

Yesterday as I’m readying to go to bed again after a three hour nap, I checked my WordPress. I have an ego, and after a few days of good visitor and view traffic (approximately 12 and 25 respectively), I was really disappointed when two days ago I only hit ten views. Yesterday that picked up to 13 visitors and 32 views. This is a great day!

On an average day, USA is first, followed by Canada or Australia. Sometimes, but not often, Canada will win. I think Australia has won once. But yesterday, Colombia won! I don’t think I’ve ever had a view from there before.

With that, that reality that I’m instating, is obviously Colombian drug lords have found some interest in my sappy poetry and my forlorned posts. Their hearts are bleeding and they weep as they lie with their prostitutes tonight, wishing it was their wife. But I understand. Once you’ve paid for the milk, you might as well get your fill.

So welcome to the blog of future author Paul R Davis, approved by Colombian drug lords. I’ll do lines later to support my supporters. Nothing like a little Colombian bam bam.

PS: Just kidding on the Colombian bam bam. I actually wouldn’t even know where to find a dealer if I wanted to. And addictions are generally really expensive, so I tend to avoid them. That and a bad experience snorting pixie sticks makes me steer away from anything I’d do in lines. I feel we’re all closer for this exploration of who I am.

9 Comments on “This blog approved by Colombian drug lords

    • I might have already. Three days straight Japan was first with well over 80 visits a day. Oh man, I’ll have to weave that story too 😛

      • The Yakuza, the Triad and the Colombian Drug Lords are transported offworld in a battle to the death, for the enjoyment of an otherworldly power. The winner inadvertently brings back an alien symbiote of devastating power… oh wait, Spiderman already did that! Nuts =P

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