My next novel and gearing up for NaNo

Editing was going well until I was introduced to Diablo III. The game where you can die and still laugh about it. Even on hardcore mode. Died three times last night. Game is a lot of fun, and I’ve gotten a few ideas off it.

But NaNoWriMo is a little over two months away. I’m a planner, so guess what that means? It’s time to get to work.

My struggle is there are too many stories, and I want to pick one I can finish. Here are the options.

1) The Tragedy of Kelst of Kelistus, the Love-Struck Heretic

This would be based off the story The Devotion of Kelst and Ayne, a love story. While Kelst pens that novel, it never reaches publication. In truth, nothing amazing happens, Ayne leaves him for someone else, and he’s stuck holding his heart while also running from the papacy for heresy. He meets a group of bandits, and together they seek to right the wrongs of society. Until the dead rise up to eat them. Emotionally, Kelst uses these distractions to keep his mind off Ayne, though eventually it boils up and he must face it.

2) Plagues Descends Upon Brass-Plated Ylinski (Title definitely pending on this one)

A young scientist finds three epidemics seem to be tied together, but her professors and mentors refuse to see the connections. The governments try to hush any talk that plague demons have engineered the crisis and treat each as an independent threat. Meanwhile, an inventor takes over his father’s workshop after an unfortunate accident. When the proper scientist and the foolhardy inventor meet with the law on their heels, will they be able to discover the truth behind the plague and save the country?

3) How the Mountain Hurskfjell Crumbled

A continuation on the Sands of G’desh, Hurskfjell is a northern mountainous region with a long history of brutality. Winters are nearly constant in the high altitudes, but humanity persists. At the foot of the mountain, two kingdoms fight for the fields, and then ignite an ancient war with an elder race hidden deep in the mountains. Meanwhile, an empire bent on conquering all they see marches on Hurskfjell. They are drawn by ancient and lost runes of life and death which would make their conquest almost a certainty.

4) The Tale of the Forgotten Tower

Sabrina and Mister Wellingsworth are detective in Mercer, looking for any job which will make a few bucks. Sabrina is a mechanical and magical master, calling on arts long forgotten in the industrial era sweeping the nation and the world. With Mister Wellingsworth to assist her, she uses her intuition, knack for getting in trouble, and skill of getting out of it, to solve great crimes which would otherwise go unsolved. But now a sinister organization is growing and attempting to access a power source long ago buried, and best left buried. Will she stop them before they can harness a power to create a vast and tyrannical empire? Read on to find out! (Or not, since this doesn’t exist yet)

That’s it. There are the four. Three would be a continuation of what’s about to release, but I’m feeling the least drawn to it. Two or four I feel the most drawn to. I feel drawn to one, but I’m afraid it still might not be time to write about that. Any input? What would you want to read?

Also, I’m now on the praise team at my church! Excited and terrified. It’s been a long time since I’ve sung in public, but we don’t get anywhere sitting in the back.

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