The Power of Words – Today’s Pet Peeves

There is a writer trend that gets under my skin. This trend is “MC”. It stands for main character. Which ultimately means protagonist. They created a word for it in literary terminology. I get it might seem a little stuck up, but when practicing my craft, I want to practice it as close to what it should be as possible.

Why? Why would someone wish to be so rigid?

First, MC, WIP, etc., is basically text talk. Guess who spells out everything and does his best to use correct punctuation while texting? This guy. Even more so when he has a full keyboard at his fingertips? This guy. So when people misuse MC and then short cut WIP (work in progress), it gets under my skin.

But main character gets under my skin the most. First, generally this role is called a protagonist. It bothers me as much as everyone asking how to create a villain when they mean an antagonist. A protagonist is whoever we’re seeing through. An antagonist is whoever is attempting to stop them from reaching their goal. It doesn’t have to be a malicious entity, or even a sentient one. It could be a river keeping the protagonist from getting across the river.

A main character, if one insists on using it, should be the mover of story. They should be the person everything revolves around. Jay Gatsby, Darth Vader, Robb Stark, so on and so forth. I could only imagine using main character for a character without a a POV (yeah, hypocrisy runs rampant, I’m okay with POV because it was taught that way in books) who is the major mover of mountains.

On top of that, what happened to the dutiful man? Why does everyone need to be liked? That’s a weak character. A man with a duty will sideline being liked for the greater good. But no, people can’t comprehend this. The man obviously needs to be liked by this girl that’s ultimately an end to a mean. I’ve had numerous times where, though I may have cared, I stood my ground. To loved ones. Because I knew the path was not a good one and there were better ones, and I would not relent. What’s wrong with those characters?

I’m good now. I actually don’t care about WIP. It makes sense. I loathe MC, I saw FMC used (Female Main Character), and I flipped a little. But we’re good now. Also the dutiful man. That part too. I’m off to edit, play Diablo III, and then run three miles.

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