A Day in the Park

Jimmy strutted down the park, humming some tune or another which played on the radio that morning. He was clean cut, fresh from the barber, with some product in his onyx hair to make it shine and bounce, while staying in place. He wore a suit and button up shirt, with the top opened wide to show his manly chest, hair and all. It was a good day to be Jimmy.

Birds chirped, flying in and out of beautiful trees filled with lush green leaves. The smell of freshly cut grass put Jimmy at ease, until he heard his phone ring. He always wanted one of those fancy ring tones the kids were using, but he just couldn’t figure the damned thing out, and like hell he’d ask one. Didn’t want to inflate their ego.

“Tony,” the phone said. Tony was rarely good news. He flipped open the phone, “Sup, Tones.”

“Jimmy, that you Jimmy?”

“Christ, Tones, yeah, s’me, who the hell else’d have this phone?” A headache set in and he walked off the path to a tree.

“Well fuck, Jimmy, called Andy five minutes go, and know what?”

“What, Tones? You gots a point to this, cuz get to it. Got a meeting, ya know?”

“Yeah, yeah, sorry. Just, Jimmy, Andy ain’t answerin’ his phone.”

“Caught that, smart ass. You wanna tell me what’d make you thinks I ain’t the one answerin’ my phone?” The people walking by didn’t even notice Jimmy, which pissed him off. Everyone was supposed to be noticing him. The women were supposed to be begging to get in his ride, to get taken home with him, to get romanced. Not that Jimmy really romanced, but it’d be a fun five minutes before he kicked them out of the apartment. But no, he had to talk to Tony, who couldn’t speak coherently. Normally couldn’t speak too well, but this was ridiculous.

“Look, Jimmy, someone answered his phone.”

“Prolly his punk kid, what was it? Bill? William? Same name, right? I gotta be close.” He squinted up at the skyscrapers downtown, surrounding the park. They were a beautiful monument of glass and steel, and that was where his meeting was, way up top, overlooking the gorgeous park. He’d just be an ant to the folks if they were already up there.

“Jimmy, some spook answered. Julius, he said.”

Tony was screwing with him, just wanted to grab his balls and yank a little. Had to be it. It was getting hot out, too. He was sweating, even in the shade of the tree, and it was becoming difficult to breathe. “Tones, no one calls their kid Julius. Not since Caesar. That was what, five hundred years ago? I’m hangin’ up. Gots this meeting.”

“I ain’t nutting you. Watch your back. I think they’re coming for us.”

“They? Who, might I ask, is they? You havin’ them dreams again, Tones?” Jimmy started walking. He couldn’t be late. The boss was going to meet with him, give him a promotion.

“The other family, Jimmy. You know. They say we don’t belong.”

“Everyone says we don’t belong. We say everyone don’t belong. It’s the circle of life, Tones. Dip your stick in some ice to cool off. I’m going.”

He hung up. Why would they tail him? He walked towards the building, crossing a street and entering the heated blacktop of the city again, leaving the peaceful green of the park. There was a pop and glass shattered. Everything stopped for a second, before people started screaming. Jimmy looked up, and the glass which shattered would be where his meeting was, or close enough. Was Tony right? If Tony was right….

There was another pop.

This is for the writer group’s prompt to write a story from the perspective of the prey. Hope you enjoyed.

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