It’s a Bright Sunny Day

It started yesterday, and while there were a few down moments, overall I’m sunshine and rainbows right now.

It felt like I haven’t been losing weight. My gut still looks as big as it was, my neck is thick under the chin, and self loathing was setting in. Not a lack of determination, mind you, but self loathing, nonetheless. That was until yesterday in the shower.

The majority of my weight loss realizations come while standing under the shower head, lathering up. I found my butt was significantly smaller and tighter, but still with that nice jiggle. It’s sexist to think men don’t think about this. Do most men? I can’t speak for them. I can only speak for me. Considering my eyes and butt are the two best qualities I have going on physically, it was a nice lift to realize how toned it became.

I also noted my moobs are now smaller than every woman I’ve dated, and I’ve dated some small chested women. It brings joy when the seat belt doesn’t naturally rest in the noticeable valley of my chest. On top of all this, my arms grew. They are visibly larger and firmer. This is from the swimming, which my youngest brother, who is an avid swimmer, said, “You mean toned, right?” I replied to him, “No. They’re larger. Like a lot larger. You don’t understand. They were rubber pencils. They’re now steel girders.”

Today I found my belt is looping where it was over a year ago, which is great. My pants are also coming significantly higher, which means despite my gut looking pathetic, the chunky fat part is higher than it previously was. Swimming is on hold until next Monday due to their annual deep cleaning, but hitting the elliptical and treadmill. Might do some weights, if this elbow heals. I hurt it bad two days ago and it’s still tender enough that the slightest movement wakes me up at night.

Between this, editing going very well, and joining Praise Team at church, the hot woman in front of me at the bank wearing nearly see through white short-shorts, life is okay. I’m getting to where I was a year and a half ago. It all works out, right?

I also decided my NaNo! I’m excited, so excited a part of me wanted to just take off and start writing. But I refrained. It will take place in the Russian Industrial Revolution inspired land of Ylinski. A woman going to university in order to get her degree in microbiology discovers three epidemics which seem isolated are not, though her professors and the government refuse to believe her. An inventor inherits his father’s workshop before he’s ready and questions the guilds which control production. Both are on a crash course for some pretty exciting times and awkward moments as they try to save the country from a supernatural contagion.

Hope things are rocking on your end! Have a beautiful day.

5 Comments on “It’s a Bright Sunny Day

  1. Congratulations on deciding on your NaNo, making the team and on progressing on your fitness goals. Seems like things are going well over there, hope it just continues to get better 🙂

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