My Destiny Awaits

I’ve been more than a little AFK. Work has been incredibly busy, it has gone into dinners in the evening, and when I’m not working I’m editing and working out. The working out is going well. Left arm nearly as beastly as right arm. Those cool lines you get going down to the elbow when you’re toned are pretty visible on the right arm. It’s been epic.

But let’s look at another epic, another reason I will post most sparingly. It’s my destiny. While it arrived last night, I will be picking it up this afternoon, to unfortunately very likely not play tonight.

While I fell in love with the Warlock (her beautiful brown eyes, silky hair, and suicidal attitude in the face of death), I will be a Titan. What’s a Titan, you ask? They are the tanks, the warriors, the guys with big guns who charge into the heart of battle to show they are dominant, or die trying.

Hopefully they will have a set up that lets me go hard melee, as that’s what I want to do. Equipped with a shotgun for short range and a rocket launcher, I think I’ll be okay. In the beta I had to play pretty conservatively. So to running in front of things and being awesome. Likely Thursday. When it looks like I have the illusion of time. And then not again for another week since my life is all planned out until then.

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