I haven’t been posting much. With work being almost nonstop, editing consuming time like Snoorlax eats berries, and Destiny declaring power over my fate, I just can’t post on a regular basis. I’m also sick right now, and that truly messes with things. So the deal is, posting every Friday. Today is an exception. Aren’t you all lucky.

I’m also changing up the site. You’ll notice two pages were removed. When books release, I’ll put pages up for the settings of those books. If I publish enough, I’ll condense it. The posts will also focus on writing, movies, thoughts, and the like. Very rarely will there be short stories, and I will be deleting some of them from my site.

That is all. Have a great day. Oh, and go see Edge of Tomorrow. Saw it this weekend at my brother’s. Brilliantly done. Lots of fun.


      1. Right? The zombie apocalypse starts with a head cold and because I didn’t get well soon enough, it learns to mutate into a virus that keeps me alive after death and makes me yearn for human flesh. That would just be a bad day.

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