Venus, Baby

Ella stretched in the cockpit of her ship, looking up at the stars. He could see earth hanging up there, an aura of darkness hovering over three quarters of it, as it did any time the sun wasn’t illuminating the surface. The Darkness had very visible tendrils gripping the planet she called home, and you could see them too clearly from where she was.

Her comm crackled, “Ella, you there?”

She flicked a switch and saw the frequency. Arch was hailing her, a hunter who she enjoyed battling beside. She pushed and held her transmit button, “I’m awake. What’d you want?”

“Where are you?”

“The moon. Oryx is getting uppity. Wiped out a few hives.”

“On your own? And there are other Guardians who can work the moon.”

She put her finger on the button, then paused. What crawled up Arch’s butt? “Where should I be?”


“Vex? Why, by the Traveler, would I want to fight Vex?”

“Because they’re time traveling killing machines who can anticipate our moves and teleport in past, future, and present armies dedicated to our extinction. The moon has, what? An army of diseased drones?”

“Dart coming?”

“Might be. Definitely have one more guy.”

“Not one of the other titans.” Ella used ward of dawn, a shield of blue which defended those within. It also allowed her to take on several foes in hand to hand combat at length.


She paused again. They made fun of her shield until she notched double their kills on the side of her ship. The pillow and blanket were put back in storage and she opened up the hatches which held her armor. The engines fired up and lifted her off the moon, down below the sickly yellow puss of scars left long ago by the hive was visible. Then Ella was shot through into hyperspace, vaulted towards Venus. She shouted into her comm, “Venus.”

“Venus, baby!”

Within fifteen minutes she was armored, armed, and teleported to the planet’s surface, just outside an ancient city long forgotten by man. Cafes, subway stations, government buildings, research facilities, and beautiful statues to ideals long forgotten collected moss, all as a foreground to a burning blue volcano in the back.

Arch was sitting there, cleaning his rifle. Dart, a warlock, was just down, getting his bearings. Arch came over the helmet comm, “We found the nexus, where they control all of Venus. Want to blow it up?”

“Is it dangerous,” Dart asked.

“Very. Five teams have gone down and none returned.”

Dart summoned his sparrow, “See you there.” He shot off through the streets of Venus and Arch and Ella conjured up their own sparrows.

Ella said, “Who’s going to defend him if we’re not there?” Off they went to find the nexus of Venus.

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