This Little Ghost of Mine

This little Light of mine,
I’m gonna let it shine.
This little Light of mine,
I’m gonna let it shine.
Let it shine.
Let it shine.

-Children’s song from before the Golden Age

The Traveler overlooking the Last City.
The Traveler overlooking the Last City.

The Tower was supposed to be a place of comfort. It was a magnificent structure in the last City, hiding under the protection of an unconscious, crippled Traveler, his enormous white, spherical body broken as it hovered over the final place humanity could live safely in numbers. When I finished killing the fallen on the Moon, emptying Venus of the vex, or hindering cabal movement on Mars, it was supposed to be the home that gave me refuge from the horrors of Darkness I witnessed every day.

It didn’t.

I remember when I was younger I’d use a nightlight. You always thought there was something under your bed. A shoe moved in your closet, but in your mind it was a monster waiting for you to fall asleep. Now that I’m alive again, now that I’ve descended into the Hives of the Moon, that I’ve witnessed Darkness, I don’t give a damn how old I am, I’m using a nightlight.

My Ghost hovered next to the bed, giving a blue glow. “Would you like me to sing you to sleep, Kess?” The synthesized voice came from the blue eye which stared at me.

“You’re an ass.”

Ghost was open. There was the blue orb which was his core, the Light of the Traveler. then triangles which revolved around it. When he wasn’t lighting the way, the Light contracted and he looked like a solid, floating machine, with a giant eye. His eye was watching me. “I do not eat. I do not digest. I do not defecate. Your statement is untrue. Would you like a song?”

I turned away from him and from the city out the window. I could hear ships swoosh by, even at that late hour. The Tower never slept. The bed felt too soft, next to a cockpit seat. It felt too open, with too much room to move. All of it made me restless. “No song. I just want to sleep.”

The silence lasted maybe half an hour. I watched the ceiling, thoughts of battle running across the dark space. Fighting the vex as they defended the Nexus. Killing the giant hydra which kept guard of countless secrets, algorithms, and plans for the future and the past. To think it was possible, that these machines could be planning in our presence for their past and future goals, and that they can sidestep through time with a little effort. The struggle felt so hopeless.

Then Ghost said, “Why didn’t you go?”


“When the other Guardians invited you out. Why didn’t you go?”

There were five of them. Some of them I went out and fought beside, others were idle in the Tower and wanted a good time so they tagged along. As I laid in bed, they would be drinking, dancing, singing, getting some. “Didn’t feel like it.”

“You never feel like it. Why not?”

“There’s a war to fight. If I’m here, I’m resting and resupplying. I’ll get drunk when the Darkness is gone. When all is Light.”

“What if there is no end to the Darkness? There is Light in dancing and singing. There is a Light in making love and partaking in drink. Muzzle flash isn’t the only kind of light.”

I laughed. “I don’t think they’re making love. I’d be surprised if tomorrow they remembered each other’s name.”

The room felt empty. It was empty. There was nothing in it, aside from a few weapons and an extra helmet I wasn’t quite ready to dismantle for parts. This apartment wasn’t my home. I was not to find the light in simple pleasures on Earth. I said, “Ghost, prep the ship. Taking a quick shower, then I’ll be there.” There was definitely a little bit of the Light in a shower. And with that, I would recharge and blaze brightly in the solar system, so that everyone can see the Darkness will not gut our lives without a brilliant fight.

Hide it in the Tower, no!
I’m gonna let it shine.
Hide it in a Tower, no!
I’m gonna let it shine,
This Little Light of mine.

4 Comments on “This Little Ghost of Mine

    • Eh, I have three close friends. A rifle, shotgun, and machine gun. 😉 I didn’t even realize this had a lonely tone, but I think it’d be an accurate way to look at the Guardian life.

    • Glad you liked it! The game itself hasn’t given a lot of context, so I enjoy writing stories as to what my guy does when he’s not killing stuff. Really detailed world to only focus on the shooting and looting.

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