NaNoWriMo approaches

I hate weddings. They make me dour and for the next week I’m in a melancholy mood. The reception puts me on edge and gives me anxiety. Sure I can have fun, but most the time I feel sick.

Every other weekend there has been a wedding, and it’s taking its toll. I’m maxing out. Add to it a date that gave me even more anxiety (even though it was boring and uneventful and we’ll likely never see each other again), and I pretty much feel like someone’s standing on my chest. Why? Long story. The awesome single uncle is sounding pretty good, though.

To say I’ve been on edge has been an understatement. When I saw my Facebook news feed this morning, however, things changed. On Sunday, relaunched their site!

What is NaNoWriMo you ask? Actually most of you likely aren’t wondering considering how many posts about it are littering WordPress. For the sake of knowledge, though, it’s the challenge of writing 50,000 in 30 days, during the month of November. National Novel Writing Month.

I’ve done this for three years now. I won last year. When they relaunch the site, it means you can update your next novel. It’s up. It’s ready to go. I’m giddy. Rushed right in when I saw it was live to put in my story synopsis. Want to read it? I knew you would.

An empire strikes out on the continent of Ji-Wei. G’desh, the southern desert has fallen to them, the great lake giving the denizens life now dried up and barren. Now they turn their sights to Hurskfjell, the northern mountain range. Rumors abound of runes with the power over life and death, and with these artifacts they would be unstoppable.

Explore the final sagas of Hurskfjell before their age of heroism falls to order.

The Song of Melna’s Vengeance will tell the tragic story of a teenage girl struggling to make life better for her family when faced with immense loss. However, the death of her mother weighs heavily on her, and all other obligations take second to killing her vile step-brother.

The Death of Edmun the Traitor takes a look at Melna’s betrothed as he struggles to make sense of life. Having his hero turn on him, Edmun tries to discover where his loyalties rest, compared to where they should rest.

The Legend of Aradn the Nude King follows a bereaved leader of a small nation. Quick to smile in front of people, he does his best to avoid personal attachments. In his battle to protect a dying race of craftsmen against the violence of his own people, he and his pet bear ride into battle for likely the last time.

The Saga of Hendr the Goat-Defiler picks up in a destitute village where Hendr, a misunderstood hermit, must face his greatest temptation. As he travels with a young girl, he does his best not to let her see his dark secret.

The Dirge of Hurskfjell faces down the great foe, Vitr. As Vitr makes a final attempt at consuming the mountains in eternal winter, the Empire attempts to claim the north as their own. With everything at stake, will the north freeze over or become enslaved? Freedom for the northsmen is no longer an option.

I love a little hopelessness. So in the sea that drowns me, I have a small life raft. Along with swimming at 6am. That’s my new habit. Should give me enough time to get into work and edit for an hour before the doors open.

Speaking of habits, and because I like coming full circle to why weddings instill anxiety, I found this incredible song playing on the radio. Fortunately I didn’t fall into these habits (granted, I also didn’t realize there are sex clubs outside of grungie futuristic movies, so we’ll see where that knowledge gets me). Anyway, again, awesome song.

7 Comments on “NaNoWriMo approaches

  1. What’s your NaNoWriMo username? Do you mind if I add you as a writing buddy?

    I was ecstatic to hear about the relaunch this year and now I’m slightly terrified because it means that NaNoWriMo is approaching. I’m so not ready this year!

  2. Oh no now I am committed and I blame you. Now I need a buddy or two a brain transplant and some spirit to crawl inside and write for me. E.J. Best on Nano please add so I have someone to blame ;-/

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