Our society is poisoning itself

I’ve been trying to eat healthy. Get in the right amount of carbs, vegetables, proteins, and so on. I eyeball it, don’t get me wrong, but I know processed is bad, fresh is good, so this has been my guiding star. I’m going away from gluten and coffee because they both make me want to throw up. Maybe I’m pregnant and suffering morning sickness, which would be great in a way because I’m sure I could make millions off the medical journals wondering how I got pregnant without sex and as a man. Virgin Mary has nothing on me.

Back on task, I finally reached a point in my eating habits that I didn’t feel like throwing up yesterday. I was giddy. This morning we had a meeting at A&W. They make root beer and tasty hot dogs. So I was informed I’ll be leading a group to Guatemala in July or October, which I’m immensely excited about. I have dreamed about this, and I know a few people I’m going to try to recruit into it. But this is beside the point.

So I order an omelet with mushrooms. Ever taste something and you know things are about to go poorly? The mushrooms were off, the omelet was not an omelet but more like an egg crepe, and I knew it wasn’t settling. I have this happen every time I eat McDonalds, but I still do it.

Here I sit, at my desk, early for work, trying to hold my gut in check. I can feel my chin swelling so I will have three shortly. Fortunately eating wise for about 48 hours is all that’s required to get rid of one and a half of them. Eating wise for a month or two while working out hammers that final half chin.

While I sat at this table, talking about the possibility of leading a group into the middle of no where in a third world country I adore and love, I was fighting an internal battle. My stomach was screaming, “Let me purge! Release the demons within!” Does this any time I eat at a fast food restaurant. My intestines were saying, “There’s no usable nutrition in this, pass it quick, before it kills us!”

I feel we are all at this point where our bodies have simply accepted this is the way it is. It has accepted our heavily processed crap that we keep pumping into our stomachs. We can’t tell we’re sick, because as a society we haven’t been healthy. As early as two kids are munching on fries and potato chips. We don’t teach kids how to cook, and because of TV everyone has this perception it takes an hour to make anything. I cook my meal within twenty minutes, and I put in about two minutes of work. The rest of the twenty minutes I’m watching anime, waiting for the rice to finish cooking or the chicken to be less full of E. Coli than it was when I put it in the oven.

I want to challenge you to cook for yourself. It’s really easy. Go shopping. Find a carb (long grain brown rice and egg noodles are my preferred), vegetables (I always do spinach, then whatever hits my fancy at the store), and a protein (chicken is my go to, but I’ve heard I need more beef in me). I cook enough carbs and protein for a week, sometimes two weeks on protein and I freeze half of it. Vegetables will not likely remain good for that long. I end up shopping every half week for vegetables. Sometimes I’ll pick up a new carb or protein to cook up in order to add more variety than what spice I put in.

While it’s cooking, especially the chicken which takes 45 minutes, I either clean, wash dishes, watch anime, or get a few quick video game rounds in. I honestly spend maybe five minutes on the entire actually working on the food. Have some containers on hand, and throw leftovers in them later that night.

I have a basil vinaigrette, marinara, and numerous spices (of which I use maybe four). I add them as I see fit. Sometimes I don’t add them. It’s amazing what your taste buds will pick up in a week.

To those who are still eating the disgusting food so readily and cheaply provided to us, it’s not that hard to cook your own, you’ll feel better, you’ll realize how sick you were. It’s not easy. The temptation to back slide is always there. “But I don’t want to cook tonight, and I’ll drive right past McDonalds.” Believe me, I’ve been there.

Good luck to healthy habits, to fighting temptation, and to those who are already eating healthy, good on you. Keep it up. Some day I hope to have your level of discipline.

8 Comments on “Our society is poisoning itself

  1. I cook most things from scratch, and in bulk, it’s great and tastes far better than shop bought anything. Plus I hate McDonalds and Burger King, although I don’t mind KFC every now and then.
    I recommend you watch Fed up. It’s about the history of how the diet of Americans has plummeted, in part due to government decisions, how it has a knock on effect for the rest of the world, and how sugar is more addictive than cocaine.

    It’s scary stuffs, but very interesting.

    • Is it on Netflix? Maybe I’ll put that on tonight while I cook. Awesome that you’re eating healthy. And truth that the government seems to not know how to regulate a diet. Need to teach people to cook. Thanks for suggesting the movie!

      • I’m not sure, it might be on Netflix, just make sure you get the right one, there are other films with the same title.
        Here’s the link to the DVD with its trailer so you can check.
        It seems to be that they do know how to regulate a diet, but it often happens that there are people in the wrong ball parks that have more money and power to throw around.

    • I’ve seen! You post those delicious recipes. Yeah, on top of making it as greasy as possible, the GM food is pretty nasty.

  2. I’m on a see-food diet.

    Having worked in the food manufacturing industry, I can speak from experience and direct know-how that what a lot of these corporations are doing is wrong, on so many levels.

    However, it should be noted that the overall habits of the normal working individual has changed significantly and add to the health risks. Sometimes moreso than the food itself. A steady decrease in physical activities over time and internet has led us to a much more sedentary lifestyle, which means we don’t get out and see the sun, and we’re much more prone to stress and psychological disorders from our jobs, etc.

    Also of note is that GMO, at its core, is not inherently bad. What’s bad is what some corporations are doing with them (like insect pesticides, etc), or what these same corporations are doing to the little man, smaller farms, etc. The real evil of companies like Monsanto is their power. They own our political system along with big oil, pharma, and a few others…

    GMOs have been around since we first started agriculture. Hybridization is a form of genetic manipulation to obtain a more desired outcome. Genetically modifying is the same exact concept. But again, the issue is more concerning when they’re splicing insecticides into the DNA of the seed, or when they’re using neo-nicotinoids on their farms which lead to the mass death of our bee populations.

    • Our life style does suck for health reasons. Also, I do know at its heart GMO is good. Mostly I am talking about actual gene splicing (or whatever), where our tomatoes have fish genetics to resist cold. I know they can be used for good, I just feel right now not so much.

      Please stop by more! You’re freaking insightful, man. 😛 Enjoying it.

      • Nah, I’m just a fool of a monkey hurtling through space on a relatively small rock encircling a ball of contained explosions…

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