Climate “Change”

I believe in Climate Change. In the Middle Ages it was warm enough they could effectively farm Greenland. While they are finally being able to start farming Greenland, it was still warmer than it is today. If you’re paying attention, the seasons are shifting. Winter comes later in the Midwest. We get smeared in January, and there’s been a chance the past two years that Christmas was not going to be white. Climate changes. It’s a clever tactic by the Global Warming branch to change the title to Climate Change, since from a words standpoint it is true.

I do not believe in Global Warming. I believe it is possible, as the entire theory comes out of a scientific equation. The problem is we can’t prove it. While I can’t remember the specifics, carbon dioxide could very likely bond with ozone because of the electrons and the way they pull on each other. Theoretically it makes sense.

We started measuring temperature during the American Civil War. We were in a mild ice age at the time. In the 1980s, they feared an ice age because the temps were dropping. There was no spike during the Industrial Revolution, which created a huge increase in carbon dioxide gases. If the theory being employed is true, it should have started then, not nearly a century later.

We have seen two years of mild summers and we’re about to see another severe winter. The scare that polar bears were going extinct is ludicrous as well. As stated before, it’s befuddling they’re dying in such large numbers and incapable of surviving, since they didn’t go extinct in the Middle Ages. Which were warmer. You could farm on Greenland, guys.

I want to say that I haven’t discounted global warming. I believe it is possible, but to claim with this little and information and so many contradictions to the logic of why global warming is occurring, is irresponsible fear mongering.

This also doesn’t mean I believe we should pollute to our heart’s content. I think we should definitely cut down on our pollution. Pollution means we are reaching out to all corners of the earth for things which could be done locally. We do need to cut down on it. It also means we were diminishing the quality of our earth. I’m against that.

But funny thing, I don’t need to believe in global warming to believe we need to stop polluting. I can actually be a responsible enough human being to try going in that direction without an unloaded gun pointed at my head.

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