Adventures and Ruins

I want to go here. Apparently some guys found it while kayaking and it’s right off NYC.

A friend of mine wants to get into kayaking, and while driving through the UP, I though it could be awesome. We would bring some supplies for camping, there are hundreds of little rivers, and we would just take them. Every now and then we’d end up on Lake Michigan, and it would be incredible. However, I might have to convince him of a road trip to NYC to explore this creepy little gem.

Truth is, there are many times where I look across something, especially when we were in Guatemala, and I wondered what was on the other side. In Guatemala I actually did it. There was a river, and I wanted to know what was beyond that river. So we took a canoe across because the bridge was wiped out during a storm. It was gorgeous, adventurous, and the water was lethal. I loved it.

I don’t know why it’s so difficult to do this in the US. There was a girl, inspired by Guild Wars, who traveled from the east coast to the west. She was prepared, had a lot of help, but her and her dog just hooved it. While she did have a route, she could see something and go, “What’s on the other side,” and figure it out. She survived walking through a desert. There were mountains in her way and she navigated them. Think about that. If you don’t get chills in your nether bits at the thought, go back to your TPS reports.

What’s something awesomely adventurous you’ve done? Where are your favorite places for backpacking, kayaking, and so on in the US? Midwest would be great, since that’s where I’m from.

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