Pokemon Alpha Sapphire: The Movie

Pokemon X and Y attempted to create a cinematic feel and failed. Why? Because it was cheesy, over the top, childish, and far too easy. They focused so heavily on quickly leveling up your Pokemon, that everything else was secondary. Not to mention, when Ash runs around and finds weird Pokemon that fly past him, he pulls out the Pokedex. When it’s something unknown, the Pokedex pulls a “WTF, mate?”

Within two hours, I’m walking along with the other guy, and we spot a group of beautiflies. You know what happens? Pokedex updated. We didn’t fight them, we literally just watched them fly past us and we took in the moment as something special to us. The creators finally realized, just like if we were Ash, “If you saw it, you likely indexed it.” This adds a level of game play that has always been missing. This is what separates it from just a video game where you have to grind out Pokemon, to an experience where the unexpected actually registers on the mechanical level.

That’s all it took for me to shrug off the fact I couldn’t change my hair style and clothing. Forget it. Ash changed once every five or so seasons. I can last a game. Especially at the cost of moments which perfectly mimic the TV show.

I’m not even through the first gym. The search feature has been addicting. You can now specifically hunt down Pokemon to get them to have rare move sets or abilities. I had a level three poochyena which started with thunder fang. Sure it was a game mechanic at the time, but I’ve had other really awesome moves, learned far later, show up on level fives. Capture has been varied in success.

I haven’t been this excited about the franchise since Diamond and Pearl, where I really started my Pokemon adventure. Sure I was in college, but some of us are both later bloomers, and eternally youthful on the inside. Just glad they could rekindle my inner fanboy.

If you play Pokemon, I’m always up for new trading partners, rivals for battle, and other internet hijinx. Email me your friend code, and I’ll shoot you mine. Email is in the side bar.

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