NaNo D24: Towels

I could have made it. Really. This isn’t blowing smoke. Story stalled. I could keep forcing it. I’m good at that. But I have another story which requires editing. I bought a domain name for it. Since it will be at least six months before launch, that’s six months the site sits there, rotting in the void, unknown and unkempt.

So today I officially throw in the towel. It emphasizes what I think is important with NaNo: use it to get you moving. Don’t use it to force out something you won’t like.

Novel #2 has a great frame right now, and I’m content with that. Novel #1 is super exciting right now, and I’m excited about that. Dare I say, super excited. Tonight I will be typing out the edits I made to chapter 1 and hopefully 2. I will also draw the map for the opening of the book, which will show the Sands of G’desh. It will not be going on my site until after launch. And even then, likely on the domain that I purchased.

Plan for the domain I purchased? You will have to wait and see, but here are some teasers. I have another author who is writing alongside me, and her worlds will show up in there as well. The idea is some interactive fun for people who really want to get to know fake worlds and the authors behind them. The authors are not fake. I promise.

If you were to go on a fantasy site, what would you want to know? What information would interest you and cause you to delve more into the world? Let us know, so we can look into incorporating it.

Also, snow. So much snow. And as the inch or two piles up, all I can think is I’m glad I’m not in Buffalo. Six feet and then it all melts? That’s a whole bag full of nope. Though, my prayers go out to the people going through the freak weather. My hopes are that your homes and businesses survived the havoc. I seriously hear at least one person talk about Buffalo a day for the past week.

Have fun! Keep it real! Keep it warm! Whatever it is.

4 Comments on “NaNo D24: Towels

  1. The people – always I want to know who the people are in a world, and what makes them, and it, tick. How are they affected by the world? How have they evolved from its natural history?

    Yay for not being in Buffalo indeed. Here, we got about 2″ of snow. Today the temps were in the 60’s.

    • Driving home, I changed my mind. It was around 20s, freezing rain/snow mix. 45 on the highway. Usually 35. Still a more direct route and better tended than back roads.

    • That’s a lot of fun to do. I highly suggest it! My maps are very fluid though. I blame it on crappy cartographers. Obviously in my head it’s all static >.>

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