Into the Darkness Below

Eris told us about it. There was something down there, in that forsaken pit. In that pit we found Phogoth. What could she fear down there more than Phogoth, the great cyclops, forty feet tall with his guts hanging out. He broke five chains, the metal of those links thicker than me. What the hell could possibly be scarier than that?

But she lost her sight, or at least the sight with her eyes. She sees things, other things, and that sight is why she said we need to go down there. We need to see what she saw. What five other Guardians couldn’t survive seeing. It’s insane. But here we are, standing at the edge of the Hellmouth, waiting to jump. To jump down into this pit to find out what could scare the creepy blind woman.

“Ready?” Arch punched my arm, the cape of his hood floating behind him. He checked his gun one more time.

“Yeah,” I said, inhaling deeply. My shotgun was loaded, pulse rifle was at the ready, and ice breaker was charged. I would be okay. I would see in the darkness.

“I hear it’s damned scary down there,” Dart said, walking past us both. He wore a gaudy trench coat made of such sturdy material the eternal battles did not fray it. “A little excited in the drawers about it.”

I snickered and we walked to the edge and activated the catwalk. The thin metal walkway went out over the Hellmouth, looking straight into the heart of the moon, and at the end, right in the center of the pit, there was a hold that glowed blue. I said, “I guess we jump in here.”

“Titans first,” Dart motioned to me.

“Wouldn’t have it any other way,” I muttered, then jumped down into the darkness. Into a realm that defined darkness, for none has ever been nor will ever be of such a complete lack of light. Until we arrived.

Darkness Below starts tomorrow! Excited for it. My brothers and I are waking up early tomorrow to get in the story and strikes. I will be up by 4am. Going to bed around 8:30 tonight to be refreshed for the festivities. Tomorrow night is the raid. There are few game releases which have had me this giddy. Looking forward to seeing what’s there.

PS: Crota, I look forward to shoving my shotgun in your face and pulling the trigger. Repeatedly. With love!

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