My Football Post – Pass Interference says what?

I don’t usually talk football. Or really watch football since my college days. Packers normally do better when I’m not watching. But I did today.

I’m a Packer fan. Despite this, I wanted to congratulate the Bills. Congratulations on your novel approach to tackling wide receivers before they get the ball, waving your hands in the air covering a receiver while not looking at the ball, for pulling on hands before a pass reaches the intended receiver. I’m not sure why no other team has come up with these novel approaches to defense. The league should probably come up with a plan to not allow these tactics. I thought they were already in place, but again, it’s been a while.

While I know there were a half dozen important passes the Packers dropped all on their own, I can’t help but wonder if they were preparing for the course correction the Bills had been providing all day long, and so were confused when the ball was at their hands, and no one had touched them. I find it fascinating they didn’t show the second interception over and over again. But if you look at the way Nelson was already being crumpled over by the Bills’ defender, you stop wondering why they wouldn’t want to show the pass interference over and over again. I meant interception. Totally meant interception. Because what’s pass interference?

I congratulate the Bills as they got better at hiding it than when they played the Patriots. Apparently while straight out pushing the guy couldn’t be overlooked despite an abundance of knee pads and mouth wash, smashing your face into a receiver and blocking their view with raised hands while never once looking at the ball can be overlooked.

So to the Bills. To your novel approach to football, your victory against the Packers, and to cheap refs.

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