Airport Distractions

Dear college girls and yoga pants (now with portions which are sheer),

Thank you. From the bottom of my heart, thank you. While sitting, half dead from waking up early and staying up late for three days in a row, in an airport, expected to land and go straight to work, there you were, the two of you, a combo possibly better than chocolate and peanut butter. (By the two of you, I refer to the combo of yoga pants and college girls. There were realistically at least a half dozen in one airport alone.)

Never mind they’re tighter than my boxer-briefs which I’d never be allowed to wear in public. Never mind that portions are now a sheer mesh on some yoga pants. Never mind that daisy dukes would leave me wondering more about what your butt looks like. You braved the world in a black second skin, and for that I say thank you.

There are few things more dreadful than sitting in an airport with nothing to do. But when you walk by with that disgusted look on your face, my admiration is a compliment on your fashion decisions and well kept butt.

A really bored guy in the airport who will burn his daughter’s yoga pants if she ever wears them in public

PS: In the words of Jayne Cobb, “I’ll be in my bunk.”

7 Comments on “Airport Distractions

    • It’s ridiculous. It’s been a long three days, and to just sit there and realize like every other girl walking by with a college hoodie was wearing these, it’s like, are you kidding me!? If I wore something like that I’d be told to put pants on. Difference is people don’t want to look at my butt.

      • I assure you there are people out there staring at your butt. If I wore them I’d probably get snide remarks coming my way. Oh well. It happens. Seems like the yoga PA ts and leggings are just… THE style right now, y’know?

      • I know people look at my butt, but most officers of the law are men. They would not put up with that crap. Women get all the lucky breaks 😉 The style seems to be tending towards more and more risque clothing. Despite my tendencies to look at nice butts, I also appreciate an amount of modesty.

      • Modesty is hot. And I’m willing to bet you’re right on the law. It’s really sad because women also get harassed more than men it seems because of wearing things like that and then people act like she’s asked for it. Sometimes it’s just a want to try something new, too.

      • I think the entire thing becomes complicated. I think men should be respectful. I think women should be respectful. But what is respectful? I believe both sides should respect the bodies, and I think revealing too much isn’t respectful. But, then it goes to just because a guy takes a swing at you doesn’t mean you should kick him so hard he coughs up his balls. Complicated. Everyone pretends it’s easy and there’s only one solution. Never one solution, never a one sided answer.

      • Never just one right way or one wrong way and always worrying about offending someone or getting sued or what have you.

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