Sony, thanks for the Christmas cheer!

I live alone. I have no obligations until 11am. What did I want to spend my morning doing? Playing Destiny. Especially since last night I got Gjallarhorn, a rocket launcher of destruction beyond wisdom. One does not simply wield Gjallarhorn.

But when I signed in this morning, the PSN is down for maintenance due to some hacker group. Xbox is down as well. It’s easy to get mad at PSN or Xbox Live. Here’s the deal, I’m not. Both companies have provided me with incredible entertainment. I want to thank them both. So I’ll spend my morning playing Dragon Age or GTA V. I’m not going to let some immature little hackers get me down on the people who provide me entertainment.

To our beloved providers of video games, thanks for all you’ve done and all you’ve given us. Merry Christmas.

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