GTA Online Restrictions

This is stupid.

For those of you who do not know, Grand Theft Auto (GTA) is a game about violence, drugs, sex, prostitution, cheating, and the hypocrisy of caring despite killing twenty people a day. There are strip clubs, drug dens, gangs, racist comments, inappropriate company names, and a slue of other horrid things. It’s a satire and exaggeration of our own world.

Here’s what is stupid. When you go online, the ESRB decides it needs to keep an eye on everything. Our crew, basically group of players, was going to be Crap Shoot, because I love gambling. I don’t gamble a lot, but the concept of luck and such is near and dear to my heart. Wouldn’t let me. Because the word crap was in the title. Excuse me?

Just now, some guy texted me through the game (you have smart phones), “We know.” So I was going to respond, “Aren’t you a creepy little bastard.” In jest, I was intrigued. Bastard is a forbidden word. What? I just heard the N word every other word while in single player. You know if there are kids playing, they have access to this, right? They can play the single player and the multiplayer, and crap and bastard are light-hearted in comparison.

Even if they don’t, there’s tons of swearing from the NPCs, there is a strip club, you can get lap dances, and you can hire prostitutes who say filthy things to you while making your car shake. But crap and bastard are forbidden. Idiots.

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