Work Wisdom – We all eat our boogers

Colleague: Yeah, well I knew about caramel filled apples before you.

Paul: But I have a Kleenex.

C: What? What does that have to do with anything?!

P: If I get a runny nose, I can blow it and you can’t.

C: I’ll just pick it.

P: You can’t pick it if it’s runny.

C: Oh yeah? I just go from one nostril to the other, rub it all over my beard.

P: I bet [your wife] loves that taste. I can imagine it now. “What’s that taste?”

C: She would know. We all know.

P: Ew. No. She was probably eight last time she ate a booger.

C: When’s the last time you ate a booger?

P: I don’t feel comfortable continuing this conversation.

I kid you not. This happened today.

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