Bob’s Burgers – Greatest TV show ever

I didn’t expect much of Bob’s Burgers. I expected some crappy attempt at being funny, but it was restricted to prime time television (I’m unaware of both when and where you can normally watch it), and therefore they could not use real humor. This is what always happens, and then it flops. However, the voice actor for Archer was in it, I like his work, so I put it on my Netflix list to sit there for eternity.

Until last night. Unable to sleep, and craving a short 20 minute show that wasn’t very heavy, I put on Bob’s Burgers. With wit, cynicism, and the awfulness of humanity mixed with a dash of hope, I was enthralled, and watched about an hour and a half. After two days I’m through season one.

Ultimately, the story is of Bob and his family. Bob himself is the greatest burger chef ever to exist, creating amazing and creative burger specials every day. Part of the fun is trying to read the signs of what he serves that day. He’s mocked for his use of vegetables such as kale, and even creates a burger with beef tartar inside.

The issue is Bob sucks at marketing, so he and his family scrape by, relying on honesty, luck, and more luck, to succeed. Many times it’s Bob humoring his wife or children, and going to ridiculous lengths to make them happy, despite being entirely against what they want. He doesn’t always win a victory, but he does always win hearts. Because he’s Bob. Sometimes it ends with him crapping his pants. Sometimes he ends up hanging out with a bunch of transvestite hookers. But he always makes room for his family.

His kids are entirely dysfunctional, with one entering puberty. She’s awkward and unable to interact with the world at anything resembling a good level. The second child desires to make music. Bob doesn’t get it, the kid’s horrible at it, but he does it anyway. The third is a terror in the worst ways. She incites riots, suggests murder, and is basically the evil Jiminy Cricket.

The show is incredible. You should all be watching it. If you like Archer, even more so. If not, well this will likely just offend you and make you roll your eyes.

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