No More Destiny

You may have heard my excitement that Xur is one of the primary internet searches. Now I have tragedy to share. After the next expansion, I’m likely out of Destiny.

Every three months they have it set up so you have to grind out the new content. It’s not a lot of content, it’s a lot of work (more so time consuming than anything else), and every three months they say, “That stuff you worked about 40 hours to obtain and level up, it’s now obsolete.” I’m being generous on the 40 hours. I’m pretty sure I’ve already put that in and it’s not maxed out.

I have a group of players going back over to Guild Wars 2, especially now with the announcement of their first official expansion. I need a new computer, so hopefully in the next month or two I can get it, but I’m excited to get back to Tyria.

I am a casual gamer. I can usually dedicate a burst of time and mental energy to any pursuit, but once I’m on top of the mountain, I like to mostly stay there. I’m willing to invest a smaller amount of time to get to the next summit, but I’m not willing to climb an entirely new mountain. This is why GW2 has appealed to me in comparison to Destiny.

My brother informed me WoW was the same as Destiny. Every about three months there was new gear which was required for success. All I could think was, why would you do that? Now on the other side of it, you could do a WoW raid as many times as you wanted in a day, where as Destiny limits it to one run a week. You also didn’t need to worry about leveling up the gear after receiving it, you just rolled with it. I think I could suffer that.

Either way, back to GW2 and happier for it. I miss the large fields, the random events, the personally driven good times, the circus mission where I fulfilled my dreams. Just need that new computer.

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