Major Purchases – Computer

I freak out during major purchases. Just about anything over $200 gives me pause. It freaks me out. Buying a car, even though it was a loan, was unbelievably painful. I was too dumb during college to comprehend how much in debt I was getting at that point.

Today I paid about $750 for a computer. A beautiful new computer, after going about a year and a half without one. There she is, my CyberPower computer with glowing blue front panels and an awesome keyboard and mouse set.

When I went to purchase it, I was freaking out. I double checked my address, billing address, credit card information, if this was the right computer. At a certain point, after researching down to three computers, I just go on gut feeling. This will require a new graphics card in the future, but the other option would require a new power supply. My computer can function with one of those being inadequate, so in a few months I’ll be purchasing a new graphics card.

It still happens every time. Whenever I make a large purchase, my gut clenches. But in the end, I feel that’s a good thing. I feel it’s a good thing that even when I use plastic, when I see a price tag, my mind flips out. I’m still looking forward to getting a real computer.

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