Running Into Doors

I ran into a door today. It’s somewhere between my first and third concussion. I’m not sure where it lands, but I am almost positive this was a concussion.

I was walking to meet up with my coworker. I was outside, in the beautiful 70 degree weather of Anaheim. Legs moved swiftly as I tried to beat him to the place I claimed to already be at. To the right were tinted windows, so I could see nothing beyond. I’m not sure if I was checking my phone, if I was just really set on getting there quickly, or what happened.

What I remember was, “THWACK!” The right side of my face, over my eye, met with the edge of a metal door some very tall black man opened. He apologized profusely. Being a man, I just said, “No it’s okay. I’m okay. We’re all good.” I hastily moved on as if nothing happened.

I try to remember as many details from the moment as possible as if that will dissuade me that a concussion happened. But as soon as I hit, I could feel this pain inside me, this jarring. The world went gray and my mind instantly fogged up. I kept walking, but it was hard to focus. By the time I met my colleague, I was okay, mostly shaking off the jarring moment.

My eye hurt, the bump hurt, but I was okay. Until two hours later. I was just getting done working a booth at the trade show, looked down at a text, and suddenly my head hurt, my eyes saw stars, and I felt sick. It wasn’t anything I could peg down, it wasn’t a desire to vomit type of sick. Everything felt wrong, but head was swimming, and I needed air. I needed to sit down.

For the next half hour I simply felt wrong, my mind couldn’t adjust, there was no focus. The rest of the show, I just tried to find a comfortable place to bunker down and wait out the discomfort.

I’m feeling mostly better now. The bump is there and tender. My eye still hurts a little from some strange pressure I don’t understand. It was definitely an experience. Fortunately, the bump isn’t immensely obvious. I was sort of surprise it didn’t become a massive welt.

9 responses to “Running Into Doors

  1. Document it! Hang on to it for future reference, when one of your characters gets bonked in the head with the handle of a sword… though who would be holding the business end of a sword I have no idea.
    Never mind. πŸ˜›
    Oh, by the way, it’s me, Linda. This is my new pseudonym and that in the picture is one of my tattoos. Like it?

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