I have now bled for the board game

Apparently Joel did it yesterday. I did it today. We’re using really thick paper stock for our alpha deck. As I was removing the perforated spots, running my finger along it to fold it over, after doing it a couple dozen times yesterday, I cut myself and bled. It stings horribly, it bleeds a little, I put a bandaid on just to stop the sting. It’s not working. I also seem to be accumulating more and more bandaides on my fingers. I’ll look ridiculous soon. Texting will also be difficult, as this is my index finger. Great. Really. Even the computer’s touch mouse can’t recognize me. I’ve become a foreigner to my own electronic children!

Anyway, yesterday with the board game was amazing! It went really well and looking forward to Saturday when we play a full game. The combos and traps worked the way I wanted in our short game, even if every time they were used it was against me. Meanwhile the one card of spite I employed was countered with an equally spiteful card. My own creation turned against me!

3 Comments on “I have now bled for the board game

  1. The whole endeavour sounds very self-destructive. 😛 A tip for paper cuts: resist the urge to stick it in your mouth. (That sounds so wrong, but I can’t find a better way to say it.) The sting goes away much faster when you don’t suck on it. (Not better.)

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