Cover Art – Sands of G’desh (or something)

Alright, for real this time. So I had someone create a cover for me, and it was really cool, and I totally screwed up in giving too much freedom. The artist picked the coolest suggestion I had, while I allowed it to ignore what I truly needed. My bad. While the previous cover art will be used, and I know exactly which novel it will be used on (#3 in the series), it will not be used on my first novel.

So I asked a friend if she had suggestions, because I knew her friends were just graduating college and she had some artsy peeps in her life. I ran into Chelsea. If you go to the bottom of her gallery, there is a spring and fall picture (or maybe summer and fall). Those are the styles I really liked. So tomorrow I will be getting the contract, and she will be my cover artist! I gave her clearer direction, I didn’t give a half dozen options, I gave two. Which became one.

I’m excited to see how it turns out. I’m glad I’m at this crossroads. I’m about a third of the way through edits, the board game is coming along amazingly, and the difficult week for work is coming to a close so I can focus on creative pursuits again. Though the show has been amazing, and next week during the day, my life will be filled. At night it will be filled with fine tuning novels.

Have a great night!

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