I know that I can be immature. I understand I look at some women like a 13 year old just learning why he finds them so attractive. Just got in trouble for that this morning. Farting is my divine joke. No matter how crappy things are, a quick toot and I’m giggling. Fortunately God made me gassy. Or at the very least I can’t give up the foods I know lead down that path.

But there are certain people in life, and we all have them, where you look at where they are, and you say, “No, I’m a grown up. I’m a damned proud grown up.” I’ve heard it referring to going back and seeing the snot nosed high school students. But it doesn’t stop there. Sometimes I hang out with old friends, and I look at them like, “So we were friends, eh? Like, we hung out with each other willingly?”

I’m just baffled at how many people at 30 are cool with living with their parents. Who won’t take a job unless it’s their ideal job. I have bills to pay. I want to feed myself. I do not want to live under my parents’ roof. When I have a girlfriend over for dinner, I don’t want to ask mom and dad if they can go out for the night. Heaven forbid the concept of her spending the night arises.

When friends come over to chill, I don’t want to ask mom for more wings. I don’t want to be told to clean my projects up on the kitchen table. I don’t want to have to deal with them if it’s not on my terms. Aside from laundry. I totally deal with them when I have to do laundry because I’m saving like $3.50 a load.

My youth didn’t consist of drugs. My elder years even less so. Heck, I drink so little that one beer has me giggling. I’m trying to even kick coffee and heavy caffeine usage. Why does this make me happy? Because I don’t trip balls and do stupid things that get the cops involved in my life. I am joyous to say the last run in with the cops was when they picked me up speeding on my way to my brother’s wedding gift opening. They’ve been married nearly five years.

This came up from visiting with someone and from my cousin’s 18th birthday. My cousin is brilliant, good-natured, intelligent, and has an amazing boyfriend. She has a great future ahead of her, and she’s going to rock that future. I have no concerns as to where she’ll end up in ten years. Meanwhile my friend, who is my age, is at home with his parents. And he’s okay with that. I’ll take a job and my own apartment, thanks.

7 Comments on “Adulting

  1. Yeah apparently this is becoming more and more common. I know a few people who even completed their diplomas/degrees but still aren’t working and continue to live at home. What was the point of getting an education if you weren’t planning to use it?

  2. It is rather odd how many adults rely on their parents for everything these days. I wonder what happened to change it – I hardly knew anyone when I was in my twenties who hadn’t moved out.

    • I feel it’s laziness, and I think a lot of it is enabled. My friend’s parents bought a second house. Know what would help him move out? One house. “Hey, so you have a female friend over? Keep your door open. Dinner’s in five.” That’ll get you out of the house.

      • But why do we enable it though? *says the woman whose 20 year old son is living in her basement – but at least he has a job!*

      • You’re also under different circumstances. I’m guessing something to do with all this don’t hurt their self esteem crap. We can’t let our kids fail, so when they do because they’re on their own, they recoil back to home. And I do know friends and family who fell on hard times and moved back in. But it wasn’t that they weren’t trying. It was usually divorce, death, disability, etc.

      • Yeah, I suppose there’s an element of having someone around who can babysit in a pinch. It’s hard to find someone who knows sign language AND can deal with a feeding tube and an Autistic adult.
        …but I don’t want him to fall flat on his face either. It’s HARD to see your kids fail, damnit! But it’s a necessary evil for us all…

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