Summerfest 2015

I didn’t even realize they’ve been announcing bands for Summerfest. It makes sense, but man.

I’m sort of stoked. I’m definitely going to see Lindsey Stirling, Halestorm, and New Politics. Might go see Kaskade and Meg Myers. Flogging Molly is also a good time. Lots of blast from the past bands too, with the Manchester Orchestra and Smash Mouth. Dirty Heads is fun. They do a good job with their lyrics. So it should be an exciting year! Looking forward to it!

For those of you unaware, Summerfest is the largest music festival in the world. Because when you live in Milwaukee, you have a limit to when you can have fun, and you might as well shove it all in. There are 800 acts, 1,000 performances, all in 11 days. It’s a good, drunk time, and there are a lot of cool small bands that show up, as well as big ones. Excited!

2 Comments on “Summerfest 2015

    • I’m debating going to see Weird Al. I grew up on him. As for Hilton, apparently she is a DJ? I don’t know. I do think I’ll get to go to one night free due to work.

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