Gaming Master Race


BAHAHAHAHA. I laughed way harder than I should have on this when I saw it. Let me explain.

I think Macs have their niche. If you are doing design, graphics, film editing, etc., there is no machine more stable and competent. But you better be making your livelihood off it or it’s your really expensive hobby.

My favorite thing with Mac owners is when I go, “Hey, I’m going to be playing x later this afternoon. Would you like to join?”

“No,” says the Mac users, “I paid three times as much as you on my computer that can’t play 75% of games unless I am able to partition my hard drive and place on the other side an even less stable version of Windows.”

But Mac is a master of marketing. They are brilliant beyond words. iPods, iPads, Macs, all of those items are way more expensive than they should be, new versions come out far too often, all accessories are proprietary, and they change the accessories for future generations in order to make sure your old ones aren’t compatible. Why? Because you’re buying the name and they convinced you the name is worth it. Windows based computers aren’t cheaper because they’re that much crappier. They’re that cheap because they’re not trying to rip you off. Mac just did an amazing smear campaign on Windows, and they haven’t recovered.

Not to mention, with my new computer, if there is a problem, I fix it. Next year I’m buying a new graphics card because my current one isn’t the power I wanted, but otherwise it was out of my price range. In the future, when games require more, I can double my RAM, put in more powerful processors, and so on. With a Mac, you bought what you bought.

It just baffles me when the casual user goes, “I need a Mac. They’re so much better.” Why? “Because they’re more stable!” You’re using it for internet, word processing, and a spread sheet from time to time. An Excel spread sheet. And a Word document. Wait, what? I paid a little under a grand for my computer. You’re paying two and a half. “But my current Windows computer is crap!” Well, it’s six years old and you haven’t maintained it.

Again, I get that Mac has its place. I get they’re stable and the design abilities are insane. I just can’t believe how many people jump on the train because they were convinced. But I face it in my industry, where there’s a competitor which is not as good as we are, is significantly more expensive, but the name is so prominent that many times people won’t even look at alternatives. It’s all about the marketing.

3 Comments on “Gaming Master Race

  1. You’re taking it too easy on the macs.. even if they’re nice for design there’s nothing they can do that a PC can’t. And for less. Also the ‘X’ is on the left instead of the right which is so irritating. I had to write an exam once on a mac and I failed because I couldn’t figure out how to use it. I really hate macs. Everyone should hate macs. That is all.

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