WTF April Fools?

This is not a prank. I’m also not the guy who says “It’s not a joke” a dozen times, then says it was a joke.

I have a friend who is having issues. You know that person you look at and they say everything is amazing, but you can just tell something is off? It’s like after a break up you say, “It’s good. My life is better now. I’m better off without them.” You repeat it, listen to songs which say it, and in the end, there’s only one reason you do it: life is not good, you’re a mess, and if you didn’t have to go to work, you’d be curled up watching chick flicks and crying.

So this friend keeps saying he’s great, he goes on lots of dates, his life is getting in order. He lives at home, doesn’t have a car, has no real job, and seems to be posting half the time about how more friends were alienated. Which is a pun. Because he thinks he’s an alien. Kind of?

What came next was a tirade about aliens helping us, we’re all gods, demons are great intellects here to guide us, heaven and hell are simply realms here to help us find purpose, that I don’t know what my purpose is (I do, as often as I lose sight of it and sometimes buck against it), that he’s telepathic and a dozen other things, and it went on. From a guy with a history of psychoses and delusions of grandeur since we were in middle school.

When he continued on it reminded me of a video game character, from Guild Wars. That’s how unbelievably out there the claims were. Saul D’Alessio of the White Mantle was down on his luck, things were going poorly, and then a great and mystic force reached out and he started a cult. The cult took hold. I don’t think they do as often here, in our world, simply because the mystical forces (I do believe there are forces out there beyond us) don’t interact as blatantly as the Mursaat did in GW. It still leads one to go “Oh balls, that’s how they got that character.”

Anyway, there’s my April Fools. Still wrapping my head around this.

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