Reminders I live a bachelor life

For Easter last year I came out to help babysit my niece and nephew. This way, while my brother was immensely busy being a pastor, my sister-in-law wouldn’t have to be committed for dealing with my niece and nephew. So as Easter approached this year, I opted to come out again.

There are subtle reminders, especially when I spend nearly a week with my brother’s family, that I am a bachelor and do not comprehend the life of a married couple with kids.

1) Some foods are for the kids only

There is delicious ham. I think it’s smoked. So when it’s brought out for the kids, I partake. Suddenly I found out that my sister-in-law, who loves it, rarely partakes. Why? It’s something the kids will like, no matter what.

2) Some food is meant for rewards

In the cabinet filled with candy, where I was told I can partake as long as I avoided the chocolate bunny, I found a jar of joyful M&Ms. Removing the jar, I took out four pieces, to my sister-in-law saying, “That’s Desmond’s pee jar. So just don’t eat too many.” At which point I hastily put back what I had taken.

It’s not that my nephew peed on the M&Ms. It’s for potty training. I do not comprehend this. If I buy food, I eat it. I don’t wait for me to use the toilet.

3) Pokemon are as exciting to them as to me

By this, I mean they’re exciting to my niece and nephew. I got them their first starter Pokemon. My niece has a Pikachu, while my nephew has a Treecko. He hasn’t come up with a name yet, but he wants to watch all Pokemon that he shows up in. By the time this really gets into swing, I’ll be gone. To placate his sister, he even brought her the Pikachu. He told his mother when I was out with my brother, “Uncle Paul must really love me.” I’ve bought his heart. I’m okay with that.

That’s it. Three. Really only two. The Pokemon thing got added because otherwise I felt like a twit.

Also have a blessed Good Friday and Easter.

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