I hate shaving

My beard is at that “I hate you, so I’m going to make you itch” stage. If I don’t touch it through tomorrow it’ll be at the, “Fine, I guess we can be friends” stage, where it’s all nice and fuzzy. I love that stage.

Inevitably, when I reach this impasse, where are friendship is being tested, I have a meeting, and I need to shave it. All I can think is, “But one more day!”

Honestly, as I sit here, I just want to grumble, “Fuck editing,” and play video games while watching horror movies which will give me nightmares. But then I think about the writer lifestyle. Fuck shaving. It’s time to edit.

And apparently the only songs I like for Imagine Dragon are on the radio, which blows. Because I love the songs they have on the radio. Unfortunately basically every other song they have on their CDs bores the crap out of me. With Spotify being on the PS4, I can use that instead of my computer to run music. And I was so excited to listen to their full CD. Sad day.

So in short, fuck shaving, and I’m disappointed in Imagine Dragons. And Jupiter Ascending. Saw that tonight. Was pretty bland. Peace.

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