One Third

Who is a third done with edits?! This bastard! Ugh. It’s felt good editing so much in the past few days and getting down a routine. It’s interrupted now and then (I’m just getting to editing, but figured I’d warm up through a little blogging while my tea steeped), but overall it’s going well. Next on my list is to actually follow my proportions and to get to the gym four times a week.

In other great news, Volden hasn’t just taken on a more stable, well founded direction, but we may have recruited new talent. From the influence of the work, I’m amped, because there’s a lot to work with. I debated creating a world on the same mythology, but had not. I know he does good work, so I’m ecstatic to see the trip he takes us on.

Anyway, back to my novel. Dana’s working on a short story. We’re all excited. I’m a little light headed from dehydration. Poor life choices. Time to edit!

Hope your writing is going well and your dreams are coming true!

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